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Jan 10, 2013 12:00am PST
energy is reverberating, is the way i can describe it, and there's, like, something that you could feel it but you can't see it. so there's things that are unfolding, so maybe if it's something lyrical, say like i'm in the middle of writing something, or i'm with a collaborator and we're working on something, working on some ideas and we're kind of, and you can feel that there's an energy that's going back and forth and it's going back and forth. then that leads you to the next thing, like okay, well, when this is done we have to go in there and make sure that we put, like let me put this piano down so i can put the next thing. and wait, could you put some, do you hear some -- and it's just like an energy that's happening that -- tavis: so it's clicking, yeah. >> everything starts leading to the next thing, and basically what happens is you don't pay attention to the time anymore. tavis: i got it. [laughter] and then it's 5:00. >> and then whatever time it is, it is, but you know, like, you're in it and you're not forcing it. it's, like, natural. it's natural. it's just happening. it's
Jan 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
specialulativees, very upbeat, positive energy. the markets are hitting new highs in a long time, dow, s & p, nasdaq, as we're reporting up 4%, 5%. so it's a nice start but we have to see what's going to happen the next couple of weeks with earnings coming out, but so far, so good for 2013. >> tom: absolutely, very early on the january barometer looks to be very poozative for folks. how goes january gets the rest of the year is how the barometer holds. stocks failed to get much of a push from the jobs report but prices continued trending higher. the s&p 500 stumbled right out of the gate today but found its footing mid-morning. prices marked time before taking another step higher in the last hour of trading, finishing up a half percent. but the gain was enough to have the index close at a post- recession high, this is a five year high for the s&p 500. trading volume eased a bit from yesterday's pace on the big board, 650 million shares. it remained steady at 1.7 billion on the nasdaq. nine of the ten major stock sectors registered gains. the financial, materials and energy sectors led the wa
Jan 4, 2013 12:00am PST
're at a time in your life where you have an enormous amount of creative energy, and there's no way to express it. that's why a lot of people get into drinking or drugs or whatever. ben and i talked about trying to channel it somewhere, and the script was a good way to do that, because it kept us focused and it captured that creative energy which otherwise would have just been frittered away in some other way. so in one sense it was about control then. now if there's an idea i think is really good and i feel like i can write it, then i'll do it. but i don't know that that's about control, necessarily. tavis: i don't know how to frame this question, but i'm going to ask it and you'll do justice to it, i'm certain. given that you started out as a writer, to your point, because you couldn't get hired at first, what kind of freedom, liberty, i'm trying to find the right word here, has the writing, knowing that you can write, knowing that you can write really good stuff, knowing that the good stuff you write can be made, so that you're not ever stuck in this actor's lane, if i can use that -- you s
Jan 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
. an still is technology, a little bit in financial, materials and energy. >> tom: growth and optimism there from u.s. trust. it's chris hizy with us from new york. >> tom: in just a few weeks the debate over government spending cuts will heat up. the defense industry is one of those targeted, and today president obama nominated former rebublican senator chuck hagel as his next secretary of defense. hagel is a decorated vietnam veteran and former businessman. the president called him, "the leader our troops deserve." >> as a successful businessman he also knows that even as we make tough fiscal choices, we have to do so wisely, guided by our strategy, and keep our military the strongest fighting force the world has ever known. >> tom: hagel's not a shoe-in for the position. he's received criticism for his record on israel, iran, and gay rights. current defense secretary leon panetta says he will retire when his replacement is approved by the senate. >> tom: tonight we begin a new weekly series here on nbr. we partnered with some of the nation's top universities to bring you the best re
Jan 10, 2013 6:30pm PST
. all 10 of the major stock sectors were stronger. the financial sector led the gains, up 1.4%. energy was up 1%. and the telecommunications sector gained 0.8%. after the closing bell, the focus remains on finance. american express released its fourth quarter earnings, announcing them a week earlier than expected. earnings came in three cents per share better than expected. but the firm will cut 5,400 jobs, reducing its employee count by 8.5%. american express shares were up 0.9% ending the regular session just below a new 52 week high. and the stock continued rallying in extended hours trading, up another 1%. if that holds through tomorrow's opening bell, it would be a new 12 month high. other financial stocks moving today included morgan stanley, up 3.7%. it announced its own round of layoffs yesterday. asset manager legg mason gaining 3.2%. and bank of america was up 3.1%. it led the gainers for the dow. energy stocks were higher as oil prices continue to heat up. oil settled at $93.82 per barrel, this is a five month high. cell phone market nokia's fourth quarter earnings will be s
Jan 5, 2013 12:00am PST
, the bulk of them will be sacrifices of your time and energy and commitments that you make that nobody is ever aware of. that's really the most important work. it's work for its own sake, and you know it, and nobody else ever does, and nobody really cares. some people, they just see the glory and they don't want to know about the story. you get to a certain point where you forget how many sacrifices you've made. i remember losing weight for "courage under fire," losing -- i weighed 139 pounds. i weigh 50 pounds more than that right now. so this was 50 pounds ago, and just running. what that required was eating very little and very specific things and running 13 miles every day, six and a half in the morning, six and a half at night, by myself. i remember thinking to myself nobody's ever going to see, like, every step. it's just -- but that's what it is, ultimately, and that's what it takes. if you can get into that and understand that, because it was a great lesson for me, because it worked and i was happy with the outcome. so then i never complained about that work in the future. tavi
Jan 5, 2013 12:30pm PST
raft of special interest tax credits for wind, for algae energy, for nascar and hollywood, got tax credits out of this bill. >> the college credits. the day care. >> the obama push, if you look at just the business ones, leave aside the individual ones, there is more money, 70 billion in business tax credits, so that is revenue lost, than he gained in his tax hike to the rich, which was only 60 billion, over one year. and so obama had this disparate view where he wanted to raise taxes on the rich but he also wanted to cut taxes on the big business lobby so he has them on board for future negotiations. and republicans didn't like either of those. and obama won both of them. >> so obama's project was to soften the situation up, correct? >> yes. >> and he did it? >> he did it. he softened up the business lobby by giving them a whole raft of corporate welfare. >> yes. what do you think of that? >> i think he negotiated better than a lot of people thought we. >> he bought the support, didn't he? >> yes. >> what do you think of that? >> i think we have more respect for obama now, right?
Jan 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
energy boom we're just in the beginnings of. but washington politics are toxic and getting worse. the debt limit and the frustration will be harder to deal with than the fiscal cliff. as a consequence, the politics in the united states will create some downside. we're not talking about a recession, but numbers in the u.s. could be even better if it weren't for washington looking so dysfunctional. >> tom: that drag of dysfunction in politics. ian bremmer along with us. thank you. >> susie: a big management change at sears: c.e.o. lou d'ambrosio is stepping down in february after less than two years on the job. replacing him: the company's chairman, hedge fund manager eddie lampert. as ruben ramirez reports, lampert's priorities may take sears in a different direction. >> reporter: the revolving door in the c-suite at sears continues. sears chairman eddie lampert will be the new c.e.o. of the company his hedge fund took over in 2005. appel associates president michael appel says whoever ends up running the company will need to have retail in their blood. >> at the end of the day, r
Jan 9, 2013 12:00am PST
energy and there should have been. we could have done it, we haven't done it, we have to do it. global warming is happening. climate change is here. i don't want to be the person that doesn't talk about it. i don't want to be the person that denies it. there's too much science. there was a moment in the early 90s and that was when i had my first kid. i mean, this is really selfish, you know. i had my first kid and i thought, oh, my gosh. i started learning about what was really going on. they talked about greenhouse. remember, the time magazine said, "what is the greenhouse effect?" there was a moment where we were all really motivated and then i don't know what happened. personally, i think the oil companies and i think that a lot of people whose pockets are lined by them just devastated that conversation. tavis: what do you think it is gonna take for that conversation to get traction with everyday american people? i say the average american because it is not like these issues aren't discussed. it is not like people, you know, can't feel that something in the environment -- whether yo
Jan 9, 2013 6:30pm PST
proponent of energy reform. mexico has a lot of potential it is not tapping at present. >> tom: we mentioned the price performance that the exchange rate had, outperformed the united states, and you think it can still continue to build on those gains. >> i think the u.s. needs to be there for mexico to outperform. as long as the u.s. economy keeps growing, mexico should keep growing. >> tom: so it is really the united states helping to pull mexico up? >> and mexican labor costs, when you adjust for productivity have been held flat over the next decade. china has seen its labor costs escalate, and the two have pretty close to met. so mexico is much more competitive on a cost basis, and it is here. >> tom: just across the border. finally, that brings us to the united states. how does the u.s. look compared to the rest of the world? >> i think we are still looking okay if we can get past this budget. >> tom: you're less excited about america than you are about non-japan asia. >> i'm really excited about non-japan asia because they're coming back from a period of out and out weakness. but i'm re
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10